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About us

It’s all about making you successful.

VPS Lubricants is in the business of making successful brands. We have been doing so since 1986 with many partners. We are active in the lubrications industry as an independent manufacturer and exporter of oil-, lubrication and grease products. VPS is active in over 60 countries with a specific expertise on the African continent.

Making you stand out in the competitive lubricant after market is difficult. In almost 35 years of experience in the international lubricants market, we have learned that only teamwork is leading to success.

Outstanding product quality, short delivery times, relevant stock keeping procedures and OEM approvals are all aspects that need to be present at a successful player in this lubricant after market.

You will have access to a complete assortment of lubricants and greases. Our full service private label program is taking care of everything; from development, production and packaging up to documentation and transportation. All so that you only have to focus on what really counts: the sales!

Growing a successful lubricant brand is about personal dedication, open communication, honesty and innovation.

We are
All about relationships. We need you for your local market exploration. But we do not give our commitment to everyone. We need people with the same passion as we have. Passion to be successful and invest together in a successful lubrication brand.

We value
You, as our business partner. But also as an equal person who values quality and honesty just as much as we do

We want
You to become a successful lubricants entrepreneur. Your success is our success and we want to grow together. Overcome difficulties together and share victories together. We want to be a team.

Our production

You will have access to the highest class European base oils and additives. Before being filled, the lubricants are tested in the most modern in-house laboratory with the latest technology so that you can always trust the quality standards you will be selling. Your lubricants will be packed in first class packaging materials to ensure optimal product quality. All your products are produced in and around Rotterdam at different blending facilities.

  • In-line blending & batch blending
  • Blending 140.000 MT
  • Stocking 20.000 MT
    • Base oils 17.500 MT
    • Additives 500 MT
    • Finished products 1.500 MT
  • Arrivals up to 10.000 MT
  • Filling from 1 to 25.000 ltr
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