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Engine oil additives

A wide range of cost efficient engine oil additive formulations for passenger cars, heavy duty trucks, marine and small engines. The additives are designed to provide optimal protection and longer service intervals, this meets the performance requirements of the end users and the major OEM’s.

Passenger car engines
Additive packages designed to protect and enhance the performance of engines in cars and light-duty trucks running on gasoline, diesel or LPG. The packages are designed to meet the engine requirements of API, ACEA and major OEM’s. The formulated superior lubricants provide a better engine protection and longer change intervals.

Heavy duty engines
High performance additive formulations for the lubricants of trucks operating in extreme environments and on different grades of fuels. All products are based on OEM engineering requirements and vary from API CD up to the most recent API standard. Longer change intervals and outstanding protection will lead to cost reduction for the fleet owners.

Marine engines
A range of additives to formulate Trunk Piston Engine Oils (TPEO), Marine Diesel Cylinder Lubricants (MDCL) and System Oils (SO). All formulated to protect and enhance the performance of the engines operating under the toughest conditions and to meet the international requirements as well as the demands of ship owners worldwide.

Small engines
The VPAD small engine oil additives are designed for two-stroke and four-stroke engines for motorcycles, outboard engines, all-terrain vehicles, snow mobiles and lawn mowers. The formulated oils will reduce the need for engine maintenance and will result in a longer service life. The products meet the requirements of OEM’s such as JASO.

Transmission- and gear oil additives

Additives to formulate automatic transmission fluids and gear oils for automotive-, off-road and industrial applications. All VPAD driveline additives are designed to formulate lubricants which are providing excellent protection against wear, promote longer machine life and smoother gear changes. All transmission and gear oil additive formulations are based on OEM requirements.

Automatic Transmissions
These automatic transmission additives do meet the requirement of world’s leading automotive OEM’s like Dexron, Mercon and Voith & ZF. With the different additives fluids from ATF Suffix A up to the latest ATF fluid can be formulated.

Automotive Gears
The VPAD gear oil additives are designed to meet the performance requirements of API GL-4 and GL-5. The finished products are known for extended drain, fuel economy and temperature stability. For off-road application there is a range of additives for the lubricants of the driveline for agricultural-, construction and mining vehicles, like UTTO for tractors and TO-4 for Caterpillar machines These additives meet the specific OEM requirements.

Industrial Gears
The industrial gear additives are designed to make outstanding lubricants providing excellent protection, extreme pressure performance and rust and oxidation resistance. The industrial gear oils formulated on right treat level offer extended machinery life and reduced oil consumption resulting in lower operating costs.

Industrial oil additives

We supply a full range of industrial additives. These packages have proven its high performance and cost effectiveness. All packages are designed to provide extended machinery life and reduced oil consumption. The industrial oil additives do meet the latest requirements of equipment manufacturers and international standards.

Our turbine oil packages are formulated to be used in wet conditions at high temperatures and pressures. They are specifically designed to offer excellent oxidative stability, outstanding rust and corrosion inhibiting properties and extreme pressure protection to ensure optimum performance.

Our hydraulic oil packages are designed to extend the life of hydraulic systems by protecting hydraulic systems against friction and wear, rust, oxidation, corrosion and demulsibility. The hydraulic oil additives will ensure optimum performance of the hydraulic system.

Our ash less additive packages for compressor oils offer excellent oxidative stability, good corrosion protection, excellent antiwear performance, high oxidation stability and good thermal stability.

Additive packages to formulate metalworking fluids providing superior protection for extended machine and tool life. The formulated fluids will have very good lubricating, cooling and protection properties to meet the latest requirements.

Our grease additives are developed for industrial, automotive and commercial applications. The additives are designed to provide excellent wear protection, temperature protection and extended grease life. Additionally the packages included specific components offering oxidation resistance, corrosion- and rust protection.

Other additives and components

Besides the mentioned additive packages, we also offer all kinds of additional additives and components to improve the performance of the lubricants. Whether you want to increase the protective qualities, improve the viscosity or extend the life time of the lubricant, we have the right product! Our product range is wider than mentioned on this website, so feel free to contact us for more information.

VI Improvers
Viscosity Index (VI) improvers to reduce the degree of change in viscosity when subjected to changes in temperature. Lubricants with a higher VI do lead to a more consistent engine performance. VI improvers are used in engine oils, gear oils, automatic transmission fluids, power steering fluids, greases, and hydraulic fluids.

Total Base Number Boosters
The Total Base Number (TBN) Booster is the additive to add to your lubricant to protect the engine against corrosive effects caused by higher sulfur fuels. Lubricants with a higher TBN will extend the oil change intervals.

Pour Point Depressants
Pour Point Depressants (PPD) are used to boost the operability range of the oils, resulting in a better performance at lower temperatures. PPD’s are used for engine oils, automatic and power transmission fluids, automotive gear oils, tractor fluids, hydraulic fluids and circulating oils.

Corrosion Inhibitors
Corrosion inhibitors for the production of high performance engine coolants and antifreezes. The finished products blended based on these corrosion inhibitors meet the International & Military Standards.

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