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Automotive Lubricants

Passenger Car

Our passenger car range consists out of an extensive range of lubricants for commercial cars and light trucks. We provide lubricants designed for vehicles that operate using gasoline, diesel and alternative fuels. We meet internationally accepted standards and have OEM approvals. In order to meet every customer demand, we have formulated different ranges. We provide lubricants suitable for the most severe circumstances and specialize in geographic segmented areas. From lubricants developed for the most severe tropical African circumstances up to the harsh and cold temperatures in the Nordic countries.

Heavy duty

Our heavy duty motor oil range consists of products that meet the latest ACEA and API specifications and requirements demanded for heavy duty engines. Our products are used in "on highway" and "off highway" heavy duty vehicle applications. They are specially designed to meet specific geographic emission regulations. Our heavy duty motor oils are available in a variety of grades suitable for normal and severe circumstances. Our product range is always up to date as we closely follow OEM developments where; MAN, Mercedes Benz, Renault, Volvo and other major brands are leading.

Gear and transmission

We have a complete range of fluids for automatic and manual gearboxes suitable for automotive and off-road applications. All our products are providing excellent protection against wear and promote longer machine life and smoother gear changes. Our manual gear oils are designed to meet international requirements like API GL-4 & GL-5 and multi vehicle application products like STOU, UTTO. VPS automatic transmission oils (ATF) are available in mineral, semi-synthetic and full synthetic and meet the demands of leading manufacturers GM (DEXRON) and Ford (MERCON). We also have a range of specialties suitable for double clutch transmissions, continue variable transmissions or with special approvals for several car brands.

Small engine

The small engine lubricants range covers all requirements for 2- and 4 stroke engines. The 2-stroke oils are suitable for (small) motorcycle engines up to 125 cc3, lawn mowers, outboard engines and snow mobiles. The 4-stroke range is particularly developed for mechanically high performing 4-stroke motorcycle engines. They allow the engine, clutch and gearbox to maintain both power and performance. All VPS small engine oils are available in mineral-, semi-synthetic and fully synthetic grades and are designed to meet the latest international specifications like API and JASO.


Our marine lubricants are designed to perform under the toughest conditions ensuring the engine and equipment to run smoothly no matter what the environment circumstances are. Our marine lubricants are used to gain excellent main engine cleanliness, minimal piston under-crown deposits and provide great protection against lacquer formation. Our marine lubricant range consists out of Trunk Piston Engine Oils (TPEO), Marine Diesel Cylinder Lubricants (MDCL) and System Oils (SO). They are developed for use in sports and leisure up to passenger cruise lines, cargo vessels and ocean sailing tankers.


The agricultural lubricant range ensures agricultural equipment to be ready for use at any time. Our agricultural lubricants vary form multi-functional lubricants, universal tractor oils, transmission fluids and chain saw oils, up to the most advanced biodegradable and extreme pressure hydraulic oils and greases. All in order to ensure optimal performances for the agricultural equipment.


We offer an extensive range of high quality greases suitable for automotive-, commercial- and industrial applications. All greases are formulated out of European virgin base oils resulting in excellent lubrication for optimal protection against wear, corrosion and contamination. High performance soaps and clays are added to give specific resistance against extreme pressure, high temperatures, water of other influences. By using the latest technology and materials we are able to provide high performance and problem solving products. Typical greases we can offer are: Lithium, Calcium, Bentone, Calcium Sulfonate, Aluminium, Barium, Polyurea and many more.


We produce a variety of fluids.

Brake fluids

The brake fluids are of outstanding quality and meet and exceed the DOT 3 en DOT 4 requirements. Our brake fluids are formulated to resist against extremely high temperatures to avoid failures of the brake system. Additionally our brake fluids protect braking system parts from corrosion. Next to our DOT 3 en DOT 4 we provide the brake fluids DOT 4+ and DOT 5.1.

Radiator Coolants and Anti Freezes

Our radiator coolants and anti freezes meet BS 6580 and AFNOR specifications. These fluids can be delivered as a concentrated product or premixed, and are available in the color you prefer.

Finally VPS also offers its own Screen Wash fluid.

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